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intro to rock climbing


With seasoned pros by your side, you’ll be safe and sound while boosting your confidence with every step in elevation. This course is ideal for learning the fundamentals of climbing while doing a lot of it! Lessons include various climbing techniques, belaying, knot tying, and rappelling in the midst of Jefferson and Boulder County’s best rock venues. If you’ve always wondered what rock climbing is all about, this is your chance to get up there.


Course Details



Skills you will learn:
  • Tying knots

  • Belaying

  • Climbing techniques

  • Rappelling

Gear provided:
  • Harness

  • Rock Shoes

  • Belay Device

  • Helmet

  • If you have your own gear and prefer it, bring it!

Minimum Age: 
  • No experience necessary for this course

Maximum Ratio: 

(Student : Guide) 


18, we can provide younger age classes as needed or school events

8:00am - 4:00pm


8 hrs


Price Includes:
  • Rock shoes

  • Harness

  • Helmet

  • Belay device

  • Stellar rock climbing training

Price Excludes:
  • Food

  • Transportation

  • Clothing, backpack and any personal items

  • Any type of insurance pertaining to a high risk sport

  • Gratuity if you decide your guide did a great job

Meeting Location:

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