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I Want To Be a Full On Ice Climber


Ice Climbing is an intriguing medium to climb on....unlike rock climbing, you have 4 points in the ice consistently, it's usually gotten done on waterfalls or mountain water flows, and it's done in the Winter....not the heat of Summer. 


SAI are lovers of ice, and all of us have spent extensive time in the mountains and waterfalls climbing. With the Ice climbing track, we have different plants to get you where you want. Whether it be climbing for the first time, or hitting some mixed in alpine....we can help you reach that goal with Ice climbing Tracks. Take a look, sign up, or hit us up for info! We're always available to talk climbing! 

Pick a Path to Ice Climbing 

Ice: The Short Track

Want to get up on Ice and leading also in a fairly short period of time, take the short track to run the gamet....and get moving on ice in a season

Ice: The Long Track

The Ice Long Track is designed to make you a full on ice climber in a season! It will still take time to build the strength and fitness to be a Ice star! But we will give you all the skills you need.