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Summit Ascents International is an authorized mountain guide service of Shoshone National Forest, Jefferson County Colorado and Boulder County Colorado

I Want To Climb Big Mountains

Coming in Late 2019 for 2020 Season

The definition of Expedition: Expedition style (or "siege" style) refers to mountaineering which involves setting up a fixed line of stocked camps on the mountain which can be accessed at one's leisure, as opposed to Alpine style where one carries all of one's food, shelter, equipment etc. as one climbs. Expedition style also incorporates the use of fixed ropes, and climbers (and the porters they frequently employ) will travel up and down the route several times to fix ropes and set up camps, while Alpine style eschews fixed ropes, porters, and camps, and climbers usually only climb the route once in a continuous push.

We will be Guiding in Nepal and Peru in 2020...Get prepped for a big mountain with us!

What this really means if you want to climb rugged mountains all over the world, Alps, Canada, Alaska, the 7 summits, Nepal, South America. Whatever your endevour we can help!