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Summit Ascents International is an authorized mountain guide service of Shoshone National Forest, Jefferson County Colorado and Boulder County Colorado

Working at SAIGuides

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The AMGA Certification Track

SAIGuides is a little different then all other guide services. We work with long time guides as consultants to train our folks. We also offer an AMGA Certification track. We build guides from scratch, or take you to the next level through AMGA certification and training. SAIGuides will pay for your AMGA certification track, depending upon what directions you want to go in your guiding career. In exchange for each course, we require a certain amount of time commitment and contract. AMGA Certifications get costly, comparative almost to a 4 year college degree. In order to offset these costs, for each certification we require a certain amount of guiding hours for a certain number of years. 

We understand that many guides want to guide in other countries, and sometimes contract guide at other companies, we have no issue there, but if you take the certification track we require hours per year based on each certification you want to pursue. 

Contract Careers

As a guiding company, we understand you may want to travel and work for other guide services based on permits and geographic location. Here at SAI Guides, we won't hold that against you, in fact we encourage it...this is a great way to experience new areas, new people, and travel to those places we don't service.


For these reasons, we also contract guides so you can come and go as you please. All we require for this type of employment is if you commit to a class, a trip or private guiding days that you honor those dates you commit to it with our organization.