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Summit Ascents International is an authorized mountain guide service of Shoshone National Forest, Jefferson County Colorado and Boulder County Colorado

About Us

Why We Do This

Colorado has some of the best terrain in the world to explore, climb, ski...or just hike out and find your passion! The areas, adventures are endless even if you've been here many years. Let us help share our passion with you, and transfer a little of this to enrich your life as ours has been. 

Our passion extends beyond Colorado to Nepal and Peru, in 2020 where you can take the skills we provide you in classes, and local trips...with big trips to big mountains. 

This Summer we will be releasing climbing tracks...helpful paths to your ultimate goals and how to get there, along with fitness and everything else in between required to make your big trips come true.

Come join us in our endeavor to provide you the passion and service that helps you reach your own mountain nirvana!



If you've been wanting to try ice climbing for the first time, this is your class! Our 1 day Intro to Ice Climbing will teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable climbing vertical waterfall Ice. For this class, we pick ice in the front range so you don't have to spend half the day driving across the state.


You will gain confidence on ice throughout the day knowing that you’re with a professional and understanding mentor. You’ll also gain personal confidence by rapidly improving your climbing skills and knowledge through observation and discussion.



This is for beginners to ice climbing. It is highly recommended to have some experience in rock climbing because some of the techniques are the same in both disciplines.  If you are new to climbing, then we will add an additional day of rock climbing to practice techniques that will be essential to a successful day ice climbing.