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rock climbing sensei


You’ve been out on the rock and you know your way around a handful of climbing knots. You spent some time at the climbing gym scaling different walls and learned how to top rope at your favorite Colorado mountain. But you’re amped for more and it’s time to build on those skills.


Our Sensei course will help you move more efficiently on the rock with greatly improved footwork, implement different climbing sequence types, and gain confidence to increase in grade. You’ll also learn to climb cracks and slabs. The crux of these lessons is progression, as your next goals might include lead climbing or trad.


Course Details

What to Bring:
Skills you will learn:
  • The knowledge & confidence to move more fluently on the rock, greatly improving your footwork.  

  • Learn how to plan sequences. 

  • Learn how to crack & slab climb

  • Approach shoes. 

  • Climbing shoes. 

  • Proper climbing attire. (warm layers such as gloves, beanie, lightweight jacket)

  • Waterproof jacket.

  • Helmet

  • Roughly a 20 liter backpack


  • Can tie basic knots.

  • Have taken our intro to Rock climbing class, a similar school or have had some practice at the gym or outdoors.

  • Know climbing and belay commands. 

Minimum Age: 
Maximum Ratio:
(Student : Guide) 



8 hrs


Price Includes:
  • Trained and certified guide. 

  • Ropes 

  • Harness (if have)

  • Helmet (if have)

  • Technical hardware

  • Technical software

Price Excludes:
  • Food 

  • Transportation

  • Lodging

  • All personal items

  • Insurance

  • Gratuity

Meeting Location:
  • This will be provided before the class, it changes with ice conditions and venue chosen for the day