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Summit Ascents International is an authorized mountain guide service of Shoshone National Forest, Jefferson County Colorado and Boulder County Colorado

Ascent Tracks 

Ascent Tracks are designed programs to take you from zero to your objective or even start from where you are presently. This program is a combination of technical training, fitness, nutrition in order to meet the objectives you wish to reach.  


Whether you're looking to top rope outside for the first time, or tackle an 8000 meter peak, our guides and fitness experts will help you along the path to your success.  We have designed 4 distinct Ascent Tracks for you to chose from, with each building on the next.  The tracks ensure you have the fitness and competence to tackle your next objective. 

We can also build a custom program for you based on where you are now. Maybe you've been climbing for a few years, but now want to tackle 8000 meter peaks, the 7 summits...we can help you plan and fulfill these objectives through our Ascent Tracks. Based on a program, we give you a discount across the board for these services for your given objective. If you don't see it here...give us a call and we can talk through what you want to accomplish!

  1. An Ascent Track is a combination of classes and private guiding days to give you confidence in all these forms of climbing

  2. You Pick a Track

  3. Pay for the Track

  4. Get a 15% discount across all your entire track for signing up compared to the normal class rate and guiding day rate.

  5. You will be given a product code for your package.

  6. When your ready to move through each class in the process, just pick a date, use your code, and you can sign up for any class you want...your already paid for.

  7. We even let you pay in installments per month, but still start taking the Ascent Track when your ready!

  8. Make sure you pick the payment plan of full price payment...

I Want To Be A Rock Star

From how to set up a burly top rope anchor to the intricacies of big wall climbing, our Climb Rock Ascent Track will surely alter your altitude.

I Want To Knock Off Some Ice

Swinging tools and kicking hard.  Our Ice Climbing Ascent Track will get you well versed from single pitch ice all the way to mixed ice and rock...where you end up is up to you...We will give train you in the skills to get there!

I Want To Be An Alpinist

The art of traveling fast and light up mountains to secure a summit. The Alpinism 101 Ascent Track will take your skills from ice and rock, and help you optimize your movement and equipment for big objective success.

I Want To Climb A Big Mountain

Expeditions can be long and drawn out, requiring days of just moving loads and camp in preparation for a summit push. Learn about all the logistics that go into making a success of the worlds biggest peaks.